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Since time immemorial people across the globe have looked to the skies and the apparent motion of the Sun, and the Moon, as well as the planets and stars. By observing these celestial bodies our ancient ancestors were able to mark the seasons, the months, and even occasionally predict the weather.


The necklace in the photo is made from watch parts and watch chains, but harkens back to jewelry made by the Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Mesopotamians, and the Hellenistic Greeks. Watches are, of course, one of the ways we measure time today (if we don’t happen to have our cell phones with us), yet the design and elegance of this necklace combine the ancient and the modern, old knowledge and new.


Materials: Vintage clock drive weight chain connecting wrist and pocket watch gear plates.

Elegant Cocktail Necklace

SKU: 202
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