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Many thousands of years ago there lived a Wise Woman, whose name has been lost to the mists. She was able to see into the deep crevices of the world and the mind, and the people of her community sought her advice on many subjects. She was a philosopher and an artist.


Often times, the Wise Woman’s advice concerned the beauty of time. Time’s passing, biding one’s time, clinging to time, and letting go of time. It is said that this necklace represents her wisdom. Made of clock gears and delicate chains, the wearer can celebrate this ancient Woman’s wisdom. Wear it to a gala ball, complementing a gorgeous evening gown, or to a night out at the Goth club, or simply as an eye-catching conversation piece.


Materials: Vintage clock drive weight chain connecting main drive and accent gears.

Dramatic Cocktail Necklace

SKU: 201
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